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Lies. Deception. in politics
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I don’t get it. I thought the video supported the Far Left’s cause.
Change My Mind in politics
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I’ve already mentally prepared myself for conscription against China.
Disclaimer: if you are Christian and reading this it's just a joke. in fun
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GOD | image tagged in am i a joke to you | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
March 2020 AD: WHO does not recommend masks. No evidence face coverings work.
24 July 2020 AD: Some evidence face coverings may slightly reduce the spread. Masks are now mandatory by law.

332 BC: “Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt, cover the lower part of their face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’
Someone please explain! in fun
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Welcome to AOL
Diffrent riots:) in fun
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The extreme cold keeps them comfortably numb.