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Girls: Respect For Yourself Is Attractive in fun
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ImgFlip is a meme generator. I took a quote & put it on an image because I wanted it to share with a friend. My friend appreciated it. Because I made it here & thought others might be interested in it I made it public. Now if someone is searching for that quote on Google like I did before I created it they will find this. THAT is my intent. That's it. For some reason you were randomly flipping through memes for some reason & felt the need to spend your time creating a meme that has no use but to try to tear this one down. That's just sad. If you don't like it, keep scrolling. ImgFlip isn't about 1 type of meme, it's about memes in general. Motivational, demotivational, funny, call out, sad, whatever. Memes for memeness sake
Girls: Respect For Yourself Is Attractive in fun
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That's fine, I don't care about upvotes. I made the meme for 1 purpose, it served that. I shared it because someone might appreciate it, I obviously don't make memes for popularity.
Girls: Respect For Yourself Is Attractive in fun
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Everybody cares about being attractive in one way or another. ImgFlip isn't about demotion memes, it's about memes. It's a quote that I made to share with someone who needed it. If you get offended by it then maybe you should think about why it offends you, the only people offended by things like this are the ones it's about
You think love is a zero sum game. And that is why you'll always be alone in fun
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What? The image gives you no context for controlling. The meme is about people who try to "win" at love. Who think they are only winning if the other is losing. Male/Female/Trans/Potato Chip is irrelevant
Common Nicknames For Uncommon Names in fun
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Ali short for Alley-oop