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ANC in Congress
Thanks.. don't need that.
More blue wave
Happy New Year. Hope that your fantasies come true.
More blue wave
one note spelled Democrat.
More blue wave
As Disraeli said: Lies, Damn Lies and statistics. Dismissied.
More blue wave
Disparaging is a great tactic. The most likely scenario is that your reasonably uneducated, and a keyboard warrior of the average. Waiting on some bandwagon to jump on once the heard of emotional derelicts approve by deleterious consensus. As far as this conversation I'm enjoying myself in making fun of your half-baked economic ideas. Have you looked at which president used war to firm up the economy? Have you considered that each of you valued democrats has enslaved the people through welfare and that as will stimulated the accounting, but not the economy? Of Course not, you parrot the babbling of some yahoo that you googled and have no clue how to live in the real world. This economy runs on the small business. The middle class that risks their money to start a business and your Democrats want to redistribute the Wealth? Not of the Wealthy but of the working middle class. Hypocrite!