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Y’all got any more of those tag lines?
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Just some friendly advice. Modding Privileges are something that should be earned not begged for :) in How_2_Imgflip
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Why’s the damn post comment button so big? 😅

I’m getting along ok, started a new job 3 weeks ago having been unemployed for about 3 months. It’s going well first week in my new place after 2 weeks training elsewhere 😊
12 months since I stumbled upon this place, thanks to everyone who made me laugh this past year, that's a lot of people. in fun
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Hey Jayce. I started a new job mid January and have been knee deep in coffee 😂
But ironically the picture of me is from Xmas 2018 when I was in a different job that required a suit.
Thanks for your messages and everyone else’s.
Once I have my new job down I will hit IMGflip up and check in on everybody (that’s left)