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I’m sure some of you did this when you were little in fun
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Yeah, my little brother ! :'D
THERE IT IS in BLACK & WHITE ! . . . Polka-Dot #4 in politics
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Yep about the $600. . . :( I wished You were right about the illegals ! But the Dems are already giving them DL's - like they have been doing here in CA for quite sometime - and henceforth, this allows them to be able to vote in our elections. While Gavin Newsome already passed a bill that illegal foreigners can get "FREE" Medical here . . . I don't even have friggin' Free Medical . . . :-\
THERE IT IS in BLACK & WHITE ! . . . Polka-Dot #4 in politics
HOT OFF THE PRESS - Democrats Spending Spree FRENZY - (Billions of More $$$$) . . . in politics
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Well, when the IRS comes after you, friends or family members, it won't be because of Diaper Donnie . . . This is all "Jeriatric Joes" doing? Really - What have the Dems or Rino's ever done for You? I'm a independent/Libertarian - I hate the Party's that be. But I am for You, Your Freedoms, Your Constitutional Rights, not these money hungry, power grubbing pricks who lie to us all just to make millions from stealing from the hard-working American People. Like Nancy Pelosi and her $13 a pint gourmet ice cream cooling in her $12,000 frig with a basket of fine chocolates on her kitchen counter. Or Hunter Biden's laptop revelations of the Biden Family Wealth gain from Joes VP position from China, Ukraine, and Russia. "Government for Gain" with these people. So why do you "care" so much about them ? They don't give a Sh!t about You!! Toast brother - clink . . .
“You should’ve gotten an A!” in fun
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Not Cool ! Mom & Dad sadly get an F for not having Faith in You. Edumacate your parents. "7 reasons why 'C' students will be the Most Successful People in the World." by Paula Thompson & another article by John Haltiwanger. Find out what You Love doing in this Life (what interests you - what excites you) and You will be successful at it ! Fascinating statistics - check it out . . .