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Dumb Blonde in fun
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I didn't name the meme dumb blonde, I just made the meme, some guy probably named the meme
Untitled Image in fun
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A: ... it's a cat lol
B: ... Thank you kindly xoxo
Oblivious Hot Girl in fun
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I understand that, and yes to a great many women it is like the N word, I am sorry you got crapped on so harshly, but I very much respect your dedication to your friend, and your stance doesn't put you in a bad light :) I just am not so easily offended, and I firmly believe there is no such thing as a s**t, female or male, people will judge and try and shame you no matter what you do... if a girl tries save herself for marriage, she will get labelled a c*ck tease, b*tch, prude.. and yes even a s**t, she sleeps win just 1 man, she is called a s**t w**re, town bike easy trash etc. no matter what women do, they are constantly judged and condemned, I simply don't give a sh*t what anyone thinks or says, I turned my back on society years ago, society has unrealistic expectations on what beauty is, how people shoul look, act, society screams morals morals morals.. we all know that is a Huge crock of sh*t society has no true morals, as a whole they are so morally corrupt that it is laughable when they start spewing morals.. values? society has non of those either. so f*ck it, people wanna be sheeple and follow the masses blindly, that's fine, I on the otherhand live free from societies bullsh*t, do as I please, when I please, how I please and with who I please, as my Meme says I am a sexual being, my body is built to give and recieve pleasure... according to society, it is built for pleasure only god forbid the female actually enjoys it.. sorry no, doesn't work like that, I am not a toy or a cum dumpster for men, when guys try to trash me with dumb ass words (s**t w**re etc) I just remind them that the energizer bunny can out f*ck them and doesn't get angry when you put it down and pick up another ;) and when they go off the rails ( sudden need to prove their manhood or something) I simply tell them that I may be a w**re or whatever to them, but to me they are just the life support system for a dick.. for some reason they get offended by that.. awww shucky darns.. if they can dish they best be able to take it cuz I am not like other women, I love men and I am not ashamed at all of it. it's my life not societies .. I will not conform for anyone ;) xo