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Trump and Putin Summit
Yes, I understand you perfectly. Your "opinions," are more important than facts, becuase your tribe winning is more important than the truth. Let's end this here. You are free to return to the safety of your beliefs. Just don't waste your time commenting any more. I am done with you.
Trump and Putin Summit
Look--I use my own name. I am a Veteran. I know the truth about what is expected of POWs. Every one of them was trained to understand that they would eventually tell their captors something. They were expected to resist as long as was possible. But, they were not expected to be perfect. Whatever propaganda you want me to read will never take away the fact that the North Vietnamese offered to repatriate him to curry favor with his Father, Admiral McCain. He told his captors that he would go home when the rest of the guys did. If you think he is a traitor, you have been brainwashed. Are you a Veteran? If so, I could try to get you talk to someone who might help you. If you are not, stop attacking real Veterans who risked their lives for you and your Punk President.
Trump and Putin Summit
In all fairness, I worked for the VA for about 30 years and was the Western Regional Director for Public Affairs for a number of those years. I also worked as a POW coordinator. Every one of the few hundred Vietnam War POWs I have met, including my old boss Everett Alvarez who was the longest held POW (almost 10-years in Hanoi Hilton) see Senator McCain as a hero. I will take their word over that of the Punk President whose heroism is limited to targeting women, putting children in cages and attacking dying people. Do we understand each other?
Trump and Putin Summit
In your own words, please. I don't do propaganda videos.
Trump and Putin Summit
Jeff--He isn't going to reply. And, if he does he will probably blow some recycled Rushisms your way. He's just doing what he is programmed to do, spew without learning the facts.