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Donald Trump
Yeah. But, wouldn't it be nice?
Donald Trump
We can have the battle of the newspaper stories, if you want to be so childish. Do you really think the Human Rights violations noted by this group did not motivate that thin skineed egoist?
Donald Trump
Unfortunately, you have not done your research. While Israel was mentioned in passing, it was not cited as the reason. The timing seemed suspicious. The following paragraph is typical of others in news reports throughout the world on the subject, "U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, standing beside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, made the announcement Tuesday evening at the State Department. It came amid the fiery criticism wrapped around immigrant children being separated from their parents and the Human Rights Council's calls for the Trump administration to halt the practice because it runs "counter to human rights standards."
soccer ball
That almost goes without saying,
Redneck and daughter
Most people on welfare work. Remember Newt made that a legal requirement in during his revolution in the 1990s. Minimum wage at part time does not pay enough.