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Donald trump approves in politics
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"So I said 'Hold on a minute; there is one point on which I want to be clear and I will explain why: you say that the three million Sudeten Germans must be included in the Reich; would you be satisfied with that and is there nothing more that you want?' Chamberlain's words justifying allowing Hitler to invade Chekoslavia. “I just spoke to President Erdogan. Turkey, we’re doing very, very well with Turkey. We have ISIS totally under guard. Turkey is also … they are watching over everything,” Trump said. Both leaders allowed Strongmen to take land leading to ethnic cleansing. For the record, Turkish troops took a Kurdish politician into the streets of his town, where they shot hit, his wife and four year old child to death for the crime of being Kurdish. That is what your leader calls "watching over everything." He knows of the atrocities that were visited on the Kurds. He chooses, like Chamberlain, to ignore them. That, and much more is what I have to defend this meme. What do you have?
elijah cummings in politics
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To Ross and Rawkstah--I can only imagine how painful, empty and meaningless your lives must be to make you feel you have to be so vulgar at the passing of a person who did meaningful work and deeds with his. The jealousy, that you reek, of this human being who dedicated his career to making things better for others is disgusting. I hope you come to grips with this hatred that will otherwise consume you one day. If I was a beliver, I would pray for you.
Democrats in politics
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Many sane and legal gun owners support laws aimed at keeping all guns, especially automatic and semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of people likely to misuse them. Radical approaches will turn these people away in an instant. Your meme is apt.
Democrats in politics
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I have read that Teachers probably invented it. Unions pushed for it to be a benefit of employment. My guess is that these were not conservatives. So, I will accept your assertion and most likely true.
John Bolton Laughing in politics
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Isn't it against your credo to use such language when describing a Right-Wing Icon? Or, have I misread your orientation. If so, please accept my apologies. If not, what the hell? Explain yourself.