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Democrat Meme
Michigan and Illniois are being run by Republicans. Why don't you guys ever point at California, dominated by Democrats and the sixth largest economy in the world. Or, look at the distribution of states that pay more in taxes than they receive in services? Democratic Oregon pays for all the people on food stamps and welfare in Kentucky.
Steel Factory
A one time bonus with a small portion of the trillions they got was good PR, unless you realize it will not continue. The only real growth industry in the US is energy. The world wants and need natural gas to help reduce global warming caused by coal. China is importing record amounts. Putin is doing everything in his power to interfere with our drilling and exporting. That will pass.These tariffs are a bad idea, and many conservatives agree. We are a world held together by trade and driven apart by jealosy. You have hitched your wagon to the currrent Republican president. Good luck.
Steel Factory
We are looking at a steel industry that has not modernized. With the tax cuts and money that can be raised, in light of the tariffs, they will. Check my facts. Modern factories are more automated and employ fewer workers. Not since the Reagan years, when the steel industry was given focused tax cuts, then closed down multiple plants, allowing the more modern European and Japanese steel mills to take the lead, have people been more deceived into thinking the president cared about workers. Read a bit of history and look at the realities of economics. The current Republican president is the classic con man. He knows that you cannot cheat an honest person. So, he plays to your greed. You want there to be jobs, so you support him. Look at the coal indusrty for an example. You are being played. As a union member most of my life, I will be very happy to be wrong. But, I rely on facts not wishes.
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