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bernie sanders 2016
Who is the bigger fool, the fool or the person who listens to the fool. Clinton did not sign the NAFTA Treaty in 1993. He signed the bill passed by mostly Republicans in the Senate that ratified the agreement that had been negotiated by and signed by George H.W. Bush. If facts are missing the point, I am guilty as charged.
bernie sanders 2016
Maybe it would help if you read this. It is the declassified report of the US Director of National Intelligence, on the 2016 election.
bernie sanders 2016
The people who she was talking about are deplorable, Unamerican neo-Nazis. They came out of the closet after the election. She wasn't talking about half of America. You need to get a grip. If you are one of the people who hate others for being Jewish or non-White, she was talking about you. If you are not, you have been fed a lie.
bernie sanders 2016
Congress made it law, or at least passed the law that ratified it. The Republicans in the Senate supported it more than Democrats. Clinton agreed to sign it, only after it was amended to favor workers and the environment more. It replacced a treaty we had with Canada that went back years, and was good for both countries. I lived it. I don't have to "look it up."
bernie sanders 2016
George H.W. Bush negotiated and signed the agreement. Clinton just signed the authoirzation that was passed through Congress. Look it up. It is in the history books.