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This one's in custody, pending his trial. in politics
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Under the law, one is judged to be Guilty or Not Guilty. OJ Simpson was found to be legally "Not-Guilty." I doubt that anyone thinks he is "Innocent."
This one's in custody, pending his trial. in politics
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You should look up the indictment, on-line. Read the part where the officer uses driver's license photos, witness descriptions, descriptions of individual pieces of clothing and other information to identify the suspect. It is quite exhaustive. That picture will do, for the purposes of a meme.
This one's in custody, pending his trial. in politics
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He may be innocent, that is a character trait. But I'll leave it up to a Jury of His Peers to determine if he is Guilty or Not Guilty.
This one's in custody, pending his trial. in politics
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“Violent agitators have hijacked any semblance of First Amendment protected activity, engaging in violent criminal acts and destruction of public safety,” Billy Williams, the U.S. attorney for Oregon, said in a statement.

His office is prosecuting 74-people arrested under Federal Law. Local law enforcement is prosecuting others. But, the County DA has chosen to not prosecute those arrested for simply not disbursing when ordered to. The latter has been widely reported in Right-Wing media. The former has not. Also not reported is the role that Right-Wing organizers have played in these events. Recently, a Right-Wing organization member who has been in many of the melees was sentenced to a long prison term for bringing a gun to a demonstration, firing it and threatening people as part of a "counter-demonstration."

I live in Oregon, and the counter protesters have been reported on as well as the protesters. I suspect that local jurisdictions where protesters have broken laws have responded in similar fashion. We are all guilty of "confirmation bias," in which we search for and listen to news that reinforces what we have already concluded. So, if it is easier to read that Left-Wing "agitators," are getting prosecuted than it is to read that a Right-Winger was, you are just being human. I hope that is "reasonable."
This one's in custody, pending his trial. in politics
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They should be charged with every law that applies in their cases. These will vary depending on the jurisdiction. But, if someone wanders in off the street through a public egress during a riot and does no harm, they will probably not be charged with a crime.

When I was 17-y.o. there was an event known as "The Watts Riots," in L.A. Law enforcement had advance intelligence that said local gangs were looking for an opportunity to riot and loot. The California National Guard stationed troops in Thousand Oaks (in and around the area which is now The Oaks Mall, to be ready to respond. I know this because my Father owned a catering truck business in Thousand Oaks and we were contracted to provide trucks to sell candy, sodas, snacks, etc to the troops. We were like an on-site P.X. Ironically, I went through basic training at Fort Ord three years later. My training company of 250-troops were made up of 50-guys from Thousand Oaks and Ventura County and 200-guys who had Juvenile Felonies related to the Watts Riots. They were inducted in a special program that would expunge their under-age charges, if they served honorably and got an honorable discharge.