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Oh We Won't Try To Overturn The Rights Women Have To THEIR OWN BODIES. Liars. in politics
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True and I'm not strong enough to have ever had one but I'm not arrogant enough to think I've got the right to tell anyone how to live their lives. I've seen instances where any child would have been in danger just from being born so without all information necessary to make a judgement call on someone else's life I'll trust them to know what's best for them.

Let's not argue about when life begins. I think I'd surprise you.
Radical Republicans Should Have Been Aborted. That's Why They Want To Tell You What You Can Do With Your Own Body. in politics
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If it's own separate body mattered it would matter whether it was inside a woman or inside a tube. It doesn't matter to republicans unless it's inside a woman. Hypocrisy.
T R O G L O D Y T E S in politics
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What a pathetic and sick f**king thing to lie about Capt6550.