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NY-Times BS-Article "Can my children be friends with white people"
Media Overreaction
Captioned a moment of Dave Cullen during a scene were he does the pepe "REEEEE!"-Scream in Response to how the media / leftist could have sounded like as they reported on something. Forgot where, though. My attempt with this meme is to make fun of overreaction media responses. (For a more clear picture, pun intended or not, if a lot of words confuse you, simply watch the other meme(s) I use(d) with this template). Or do you think being white is not okay?
High Expectations Asian Father
Because ["A" - Relationship] :3
consult your dentist
Well, I think, as there is no "clear visible system" for what is a tooth worth (different type of teeth, sometimes get the "same money" or multiple teeth sometimes "don't give more money", how big the teeth were etc.). It doesn't matter, as only the teeth itself matter :3 (or maybe those with gold or silver caps / diamonds on them are having such sold to finance the teeth to money trade?^^)