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Sorry about that , Please stand by in fun
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Laughable in that you lack the understanding of your own "religion" to understand the flaws in what you claim?
As a Christian, Jesus said Judge others how you desire to be judged. You parade around on the bandwagon that Trump is a racist mentally ill human being, however, he is a billionaire, which speaks VOLUMES of his mental health and stamina, while you on the other hand, are an unknown troll, who has shallow conversations and claims to be a Christian, and the doctrines and teachings of your deity do not line up with the casual conversation of your speech. Jesus would give trump a chance. Jesus actually appointed Trump to his position according to your religion.

You are a hypocrite and don't even understand your own religion.

Give me a break, I could destroy your logical all day. You are ignorant. Yet you call me ignorant.

You are LAZY. Your God says that your laziness will be your undoing.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end leads to death.

Your lazy Christian soul insurance is going to melt away when he calls you to account. You will be judged by him based on how you have judged others. You will be held accountable for your deeds and words.

But trump is a racist narcissistic mental person? How often do you read your bible? If you read it... you would judge a man by what he does, and not by what others have said about him. CLEARLY the media is your only source. If it were God, you wouldn't be so foolish or naïve, if it were Trumps actions and results, you wouldn't have anything to say, because from the stock market all we have seen is positive results, other than that... nothing much has been done.
Sorry about that , Please stand by in fun
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For someone who claims to be a Christian you sure do make serious allegations about mental health - another recent mainstream media tactic, which means you follow liberal filth, which makes me wonder if in your faith there is any place for conviction... You have NO EVIDENCE NO PROOF or ANY REASONING OR TRUTH that Donald Trump is starting a 4th reich. You are Liberal Robot. You don't even understand the faith that you claim to have. I am a bible wizard and scholar, yet you claim that YaHWeH, the MOST HIGH GOD, Jesus CHRIST, would take on the same position you have about Donald Trump? Yet in His Holy Word he declares that all authority is from God and Appointed by God? But you Have judged this man before the first few days of his presidency based on your spineless emotions. You sir, are a troll, and a loser, or you are riding the paid train to hell funded by George soros, enjoy your WIC stamps while they last, for the flames burneth forever, noob.
Matrix Morpheus in fun
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challenge accepted
Chips in fun
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just... why
Sorry about that , Please stand by in fun
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Goes to show how ignorant you truly are. All Obama could do was congratulate himself at the end of his presidency because he was so self obsessed and nobody else was patting him on the back, because he was a horrible president and divided this nation. However, Trump may be a narcissist, but that doesn't make him a racist. How can you know my IQ? Clearly I am smarter than you because you are a troll or ignorant enough to place a racist stamp on me for NO REASON at all, which means one of two things. You are Brainwashed, or you are Ignorant. Therefore, what is the purpose of me having a conversation with a robot? Either way, you are stupid for judging one of the most successful men in the world based on allegations and rumors from KNOWN LIARS without any solid evidence and NO motives and NO hate crimes.
I'm a Christian. You are probably Godless. And if you aren't, you should really think about your religion more, because it hasn't served your intelligence, and My God is in the business of consistently educating me and making me a better person, however, it seems you are on the way downstairs to George Soros beheading dungeon for idiot barbarians that don't deserve to exist. (in George soros eyes and president Obama's)