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Conspiracy Keanu
Who made this ? real screenshots or an official one that we may call photoshoped ? please watch the videos I put above to see my evidences. And even if true, do we see human steps, planted flags... ? space probes may make those marks in the Moon like they have made them in Mars.
Conspiracy Keanu
Sorry for the late answer, I was a bit busy and tired. Your link is just some speech and "photoshoped" pictures. I give you here some videos that I found (in french), and even if you can't translate them or find their equivalent in their language, it's not that hard to see that the solid "flag" doesn't obey to low gravity, and moves weirdly if touched, absence of stars in the sky, the same location in two different missions, shadows, and more. please watch them before to judge: - - and more.. I'm just busy right now.
Conspiracy Keanu
- To look crazy for wrong people isn't something new. - I have proofs, real ones, but people just don't want to copy/past those links, But I'm interested to see yours, at least you are the one who answered me, because no one did after I put my links about such controversial topics.
Conspiracy Keanu
why, to laugh ? only funny memes are interesting ?
Conspiracy Keanu
I don't see what hard evidences you are talking about, I always give links and logical/scientific evidences, but people only know how to contradict or give up when defeated. So: - Please answer everything I asked for in the other comment below, like I am answering you (arguing people) for everything. - Show your evidences, a link or something. and if Asked for I'll do it. But at the end, one of us must admit the truth !