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He, Ronny Jackson and Michael Cohen all have a solid defense, "The Devil made me do it."
nazi trump
I have a degree is history, political science and law. Listen-up, in 1776, they called themselves Tory as their deregulated and untaxed global corporate tea cargo was dumped into Boston Harbor. In WWII these global corporatist fascist were the Nazis. Today they have taken over the party of Lincoln and Ike and call themselves "Republicans." This is not your Father's Republican party, said Biden; and he is right! If you can't connect the dots from the history books with the facts that ever since "civilization" began it has been a struggle of the workers against the "wealthy" who want the workers to believe they work for people who "built it" then what you have been reading flew way over your head. Don't just read history, think! Today American working families are being played by a handful of people who own global corporations and dozens of mansions all over the world and those workers sell out the best interest of their family for a speech filled with hate and fear. Pitiful deplorable assholes!
Betsy devos
You attack a entire political party based upon your religious opinion. You opened the door for an attack on the value of your opinion, not me. Now get that degree and keep your opinions to yourself if you don't want them to be attacked.
Betsy devos
Buy some books, lots of books, and go to school. Try not to speak again until you complete a degree of some kind. Not a degree in theology or religious studies ... shoot for something with substance.
Donald Trump I Will Duck You Up
Giantsquonk, you worthless Troll, very brave to post anonymously. Albert R. Killackey, Esq.