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God Has a Plan for Your Life
Only part of Free Will we need to be concerned with is the part where we either accept or reject God, the rest is a byproduct of that choice. It we continue with Self Will, it usually leads to a point of futility and hopelessness that causes to change direction in life.
God Has a Plan for Your Life
Each day we have the choice to do God's will or our Own will. ( One is the narrow road, other is road to destruction) To do God's will and seek Things Above, we must first use our free will to be reconciled to God and have a new natures that is spiritual and seeks spiritual things. God Will ( spiritual nature ), Own Will ( flesh nature )
God Has a Plan for Your Life
Evil is the abuse of free will. - C.S. Lewis
The Comforter
It's the not the healthy that needs a Doctor, it's the sick.