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Untitled Image in politics
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Also, one can actually reliably complete a pass. The other cannot.
Untitled Image in politics
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The person on the left, also completed close to zero percent of his passes.
The person on the left has made an order of magnitude more cash being an activist, than he ever did playing.
Retreat he did. in politics
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What is there, like 16 hours of video that has been played at the trial, showing Rittenhouse running, hiding, running some more, running again, and finally shoots someone when he is being beaten. And there is "that one guy", who just can't come up with anything other than the counterfactual.
Rittenkiller in politics
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That is the most common reaction. When you cannot form a logical argument, you appeal to emotion. You call names, hurl insults, scream, shout. He is a great source of amusement to me.
Trump - Time to Move On in politics
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Ric Grenell.