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Untitled Image in Dark_humour
0 ups, 3y
Well I had this on Memes Overload for about 3 months, but only had 5 views, so thought I'd post it on here instead..
Untitled Image in f_u_n_n_y
0 ups, 3y
And I posted it over 2 months ago... But I can't find it, so that's why I reposted it.
cheesy in Comics
0 ups, 3y
As I say, it doesn't matter, you're allowed reposts...
cheesy in Comics
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Earlier you posted on my image and said it was a repost, well maybe it was, but so is this. I know cos I posted it weeks ago. But it doesn't matter, because you're allowed reposts on certain streams..
umm.... im speechless in Dark_humour
1 up, 3y
It is a repost, cos I posted it before, but it doesn't matter, as you're allowed to repost after a while. So no problem. As you say, you just want to make people laugh, and that's what it's all about.. 👍