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Flash's Hypocrisy in fun
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Okay ur right talking about team flash in general. And yes they always seem to need to kill their villain. Although I will point out Caitlin was not apart of team flash when she killed hunter, she was killer Frost with Savitar. I do think what Barry did to Hunter was a fate worst than death since he had to know the speedforce would either kill or torture him and it would have been more merciful to kill Zoom instead of what Barry did.
Flash's Hypocrisy in fun
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Actually if you look at it Barry was never the one to kill any of them, Eddie killed Thawne. Barry got the speedforce to turn Hunter into black flash and then Caitlin killed him. Iris killed Savitar. And didn’t Devoe wife kill Devoe.?

Do this meme for supergirl though, supergirl actually killed all her enemies and then season 3 said I can’t kill reign, I don’t kill