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Diversity In The U.S in politics
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Requirements are 1.loud 2.Disruptive 3. Destructive and 4. Claim it din du nu ffin
Apologize, President Biden! in politics
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The second biden made us dependent on foreign energy and pushed bullshit "green" policies, he effectively slit the throats of the middle and lower classes. Trump might have started the inflation with handing out rona checks at the demand of both republican and democrats, but biden made it soar. The price of energy under biden will have people dying of cold because they can't afford fuel, propane or be able to pay for electric heat.. just like they are dying of heat stroke because of the "green" self adjusting thermostats in Colorado. Theres even new increases on distribution taxes and fuel charges on goods now. On top of bidens and trumps inflation. Couple this with billions if not trillions going to Israel and Ukraine on top of price gouging corporations and a new weaponized irs... you still have heart to support him... while screaming that trumps a fascist lmmfao biden even weaponized the fbi to raid journalists over a disgusting diary that his daughter claimed he molested her.... and the mark Zuckerberg and the fbi just admitted the fbi strong armed him and other social platforms to block information on hunters disgusting laptop where he had photos and video molesting his neice and minor sex trafficked young girls. And that's not getting into what's in it about his Russian, Ukraine, and China shenanigans. But you'll say this is all "Russia disinformation", while what I've said can be fact checked, what you've said has already been debunked. Bet you even still have fb and instagram like a good little goy.
Apologize, President Biden! in politics
3 ups, 1mo
Your meme can be easily debated and debunked. Especially the "stripping lgbtqifndk rights" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚