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An asexual lesbian storywriter who likes starlight mayhem. Gender: Female Pronouns: She/her
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No ERP's or romance roleplays, no joke OCS or Bambi OCS. Any gender will do for this roleplay in Role_Play
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Troffie: *Writes down order* Alright, I'll be right back with your order *15 minutes later* Troffie: *Gives Galene their order* here you go, enjoy your food
Untitled Image in cursedcomments
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That's not any dead girl, that's Tessa from Murder Drones after getting possessed
I knew this day would comeā€¦ (The cartel will have a sad month) in fun
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image tagged in obama-salute | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I never watched Dragon ball but may Akira Toriyama rest in peace