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Brexit unicorns in politics
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We're both ignoring climate change which is ostensibly going to cost more lives. I guess we're both monsters. You're the racist monster though. Ooh notice how your original comment was deleted? That would be because it was... you guessed it, racist.
Brexit unicorns in politics
0 ups, 7m
Not even going to debate how racist your comment is, I will merely pose the question 'How many EU countries are Muslim?'

Go on, have a go, then reconsider your racist comment in light of the answer.
USA beats UK for stupidity, for now in politics
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To be fair, we haven't declared war on anyone for quite a while! Purely acting in defence of liberty of Europe and ourselves in the last 2 encounters. :)
This meme this builds on a previous one. In both memes the initial cause was votes cast in both our countries in 2016, and the ensuing bonfire in both countries. In both cases there had been a lot of work and neglect for decades previously. Brexit was a test for much of the machinery and tactics that got Trump elected. This time around we (Brits) hope we can follow your (US) lead into decency.