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Untitled Image in ItsACatholicThing
0 ups, 2d,on%20the%20Indian%2DNepalese%20border.
I'm guilty of doing this too. :-/ in Train_memes
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Says the same guy who yelled at someone for commenting something harmless. 🤡
I'm guilty of doing this too. :-/ in Train_memes
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I thought it was funny. 🫡
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Jesus predates everything. Jesus is the Son of God, and the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity has existed before time had a name.

God created Adam and Eve, our first parents, who came before everyone else in humanity. Jesus came hundreds of years later to earth, but has always existed, for He, God the Father, and God the Holy Ghost are one.

buddha and his parents were created. Man can bear fruit and multiply, but he cannot create things himself. He can only use the materials surrounding him on earth. buddha proclaimed himself a God. He used God's creation to exploit others into believing that he created the whole universe, even though he had parents. Who created the parents, hmm? All their decendents were human, and Adam and Eve were the beginning of humanity. In order for humanity to have its beginning, Someone needed to create humans.

Weird, innit, buddah, a human "god", not being the beginning, but having parents and ancestors.
Forgiveness in fun
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That's one that's going to stick with me for a while. Thank you, Mr. Evans! 🎩👌🏻