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JosephCITPandTOTT (55343)
Joined 2022-09-11
Yeah, I'm a strongly Catholic railfan and a LEGO fan who wants to be a priest. If that offends you, leave.
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This Is What Happens When You And Your Girlfriend Don't Along in fun
0 ups, 18h
Diesel: *literally sends Mavis to the scrapyard*
Full of Surprises in fun
0 ups, 18h
Considering the fact this is a Deviantart-style Loud House meme, I wouldn't doubt it.
Untitled Image in fun
0 ups, 3d
Heck, there are times where we get called even after we close...Hobby Lobby. 🫠
Thank you to the small group of people who found this stream and brought it back to life! -Berky in Train_memes
0 ups, 2w
And thank you, Becky, for keeping it alive! I'm sorry I haven't been doing my part lately. I'll try getting back into the groove, since I'm not as busy with work and college now. Cheers! 🎩👌🏻