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Media be like in politics
0 ups, 2y
False. more black people kill other black people than whites do.
Dum liberals in politics
1 up, 2y
You’re right! I forgot about that!
The truth of BLM. in politics
2 ups, 2y
Yeah. They’re financing the marxist revolution without knowing.
Dum liberals in politics
5 ups, 2y
Thank you! Upvotes for you too! Its not often someone can debate this non-hostilely.
I think we can leave this arguement here. We’ve both made some fair points, i think.
But heres one last thing i think we can agree on: rioting, looting, and defunding the police is NOT the answer. Rioting and looting is just wrong morally, and defunding the police will mean higher crime for everybody.
Dum liberals in politics
5 ups, 2y
Ah yes, the fabled white supremacist. Yes, this guy is totally racist. However, he represents an extreme minority of the white population. I seem to remeber white supremacists gathering from all over the nation for one big gathering... and only totaling at max like 100,000. Thats a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of the population. So, should all of america really be to blame for one insane homicidal racist? Its not like this guy was in a high governmental position or anything.
Honestly, i think this guy was a headcase to begin with, and under different circumstances probably would have killed whites just as freely.