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All Occasions Woman in fun
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Care to enlighten us Pappy ? How`s life in Aldershot ?
Real Heroes in Real_Politics
1 up, 2y
Yes DrSarcasm - the subsonic V1, (I think flying at circa 450 mph). And the supersonic V2 which had a trajectory that took it into Space.
Masterchef Entry in repost
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Looks fantastic, can you give me the recipe ?
Real Heroes in Real_Politics
2 ups, 2y
Thank you for the correction Bluesol. 100% V1, and the later versions of the Spitfire COULD match the V1`s for speed. In addition, this is an official photo, and many brave RAF pilots risked their lives sending V1`s off course in order to spare the people of London in WW2.
Small Town Scenes in Dark_humour
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I like it !