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Noose 45
Oh, I'm not worried. They know the difference between a political post, and a legitimate threat. They aren't as stupid as you. LOL!
Noose 45
The very day I decide to suck Putin's dick, I ABSOLUTELY WILL!
Noose 45
What? It's a post about how I felt when I turned 45... :) I was just wondering if our POTUS felt the same... Yeah, that's it...
GOP Logic 101
Nevermind... Don't answer that! I don't really care. I am an oldskool American... Tell it to the dumbshits on FB! LOL!
GOP Logic 101
So you don't think each one of them will be gone over with a fine-tooth comb? Are you as insane as the rest of the ones that spout the same old rhetoric that is crapped out of FOX News?