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My first thought on seeing the yearbook photo is that it was done as a sight gag, with the "Klan" guy and the "black" guy posing together as best buddies, drinking beer together. I've always had a heavy, muscular build, and I can imagine someone telling me about an upcoming costume party 35 years ago: "Hey, JR, I've got the perfect idea! You should go as a cartoon Arab with robe, thick beard and mustache, and holding a fearsome scimitar. We'll pose you with a big grin on your face and your arm around your skinny friend Epstein here--he'll be dressed as a Hasidic Rabbi and holding the Torah. You can be eating bacon and drinking beer together--It'll be hilarious!" I would have done it...
Donald Trump You're Fired
Veel, redo this and remove the word "illegal."
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Twelve nouns by my count: Spock on a Cock on “The Rock” with a Lock and a Jock and Socks holding a Glock and Gagh (a Klingon delicacy of serpent worms pronounced “Gock”) in a Wok on Bach on a Dock on a Loch.
College liberal-Improved
Chaz, here's a reply: