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Who Would Win? in fun
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Well, I'm just worry some guys still doesn't know it,i thought at first it's a joke but looking at the comments I'm not sure so I just write the fact down just in case someone doesn't know it yet, no need to thank me for it, I'm just your everyday good Samaritan
Who Would Win? in fun
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Umm, I'm not sure if this is a joke but Google or any internet company Will give your data even when in"incognito" mode to your company or FBI if they ask for it,so it's not really incognito.and that's why you shouldn't use incognito mode on your company's computer cause they will know.
Rest In Peace in fun
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Anyone noticed the meme frame
blank white template in fun
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Yeah, but I heard before his death they got to shot a screen with him.guess that was a gossip