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Joeluv78 (49320)
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I'm sure you look at my memes, like works of art. Although, I see them as silent cyberfarts.
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Knight Moves in politics
2 ups, 3w
Hey, great fantasy!
Spook Dogg in fun
0 ups, 4mo
What the f**k, did I just read?
Spoiler Ahead in fun
0 ups, 4mo
No, it's from the movie, 'Hereditary.' Good guess, though.
Corvette Confidential in politics
1 up, 1y
Thanks, man.

Yes, I call it art, I mean, it's satire. Therefore, I'd put it in the same category, as political cartoons, but as we all know, art is subjective.

However, this one, I think we can both agree is spot-on, when it comes to art imitating life!

title: Rock-Bottom