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Mega Millions Fever! Better Catch It Now, Rather Than Later.
Know what you mean. Office pools are a good strategy, but in this case, I'm working solo. Why just stick with buying one measly Bugatti Veyron? When I can afford a whole fleet of them, I'm sure at a great rate. Co-workers, all the way to the CEO will be begging me to be the Secret Santa at the Christmas office party this year, as well as years to come I'm sure.
Indeed. She sure did, that's for sure. LOL
~Classic! Buck was definitely awesome!
Yep! Also, the inspiration for both Al and Peg were the late great Sam Kinison, who actually did star as Al's guardian angel in the episode, 'It's A Bundyful Life' and Roseanne Barr. Both Sam and Roseanne were offered the roles of Al & Peg first, since they were the inspiration for both characters, but they declined.