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McAfee Didn't Kill Himself in politics
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That may be true, but none of them left multiple "if I kill myself I was actually murdered" posts all over the internet.
Wuhan Leak in politics
1 up, 1m
The same thing has happened to me on a couple of occasions.
Libertarian Civil War in politics
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The only reason why I am calling them commies is because they are, I have no idea how or why this phenomenon of radical SJWs coming into the Libertarian Party occurred but the fact is still that it happened. There are actual figures within the Libertarian Party that are supporting the Anarcho Communist terrorist group Antifa, Garret Foster and his supporters are those people. Those same people have been actively witch hunting people as "racists" "sexists" ect... These dipshits are why various people in the broader libertarian movement wanted and still want nothing to do with the Libertarian Party. The bad reputation of the Libertarian Party is directly harming the broader movement which is why the commies need to be given their walking papers. Cultural Marxism is completely and totally diametrically opposed to liberty because it is a form of collectivism that fetishes eternal victimhood in the name of "equality" or "social justice."
Libertarian Civil War in politics
0 ups, 1m
This meme is a reference to the Mises Caucus fighting against the communist infiltration of the Libertarian Party. As for Jo I originally supported her, but her support of terrorist Garret Foster who f**ked around and found out made me reconsider that. How deserving a candidate is of support shouldn't just be on whether or not they can win, many candidates can win that don't deserve to.
Fraudci Emails in politics
1 up, 2m
There is a lot redacted which is frustrating, but there is still some juicy info that isn't redacted. I especially find Fraudci admitting that the whole "Trump tried to censor me" narrative was BS.