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But Thats None Of My Business
Who's god do you think we should be praying to? Who's holy book are we using?? there is a reason why there is a separation of church and state. you want prayer in your school send your kid to private school
Stupid is as stupid does
go find a porn star to give you a reach around and stay off my page you loser trump supporter, I hope you trump people all get your karma on ya 3x3
Stupid is as stupid does
Um not to be rude but wtf are you rambling on about this post has no political undertones YOU put YOUR agenda on this picture. Stupid has no political affiliation anyone and everyone can be stupid. Do not put your crap on my MEME.
Do you think I care that you don't agree.....No is the answer! You sick gun freaks have ruined the second amendment for the rest of us so F**K YOU AND THE NRA!! Keeping kids alive in school is more important! CITIZENS not corporations should be the focus super packs must go!
Bugger of you *ucking troll