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mad girl
Yet MAGATS believe Hillary Clinton ran a sex ring in a Pizza place without any proof. Bunch of bigly hyprocites. I expect nothing less from Spursfan. Follows me around like a creepy stalker.
mad girl
by pinning her down and groping her? Yeah same thing, Comrade.
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
You just can't get enough of my responses. Stalker much? Talk to me about crimes when she has a fake university. Or admits to sexual assault. Or doesn't pay people what he owes them. Or needs a dictator from a foreign country to get him elected, Comrade. Hope his bone spurs don't hurt when he's golfing. Actually, that's a lie. Hope he's in BIGLY amounts of pain.
Pepperidge Farm Remembers
K. Whatever you say, Comrade.