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Man Baby Trump
No. It's called restraint.
ISIS Decimated
Oh? And in that same dictionary does it not say "Defeated doesn't mean eliminated" as well? I mean why else would we be bringing back soldiers if not eliminated?
Donald trump
Apparently you missed Trump's tweet that he has since deleted?
Yeah I'm the insane one. You got conned by Trump and you're too stupid to realize it. he made thousands of promises that he never delivered. Just like "I'll show my taxes after I get elected" Still waiting on that. He is full of crap. Cohen's testimony will take that SOB down and will make his ignorant followers look like the morons they are. You backed a traitor to this country. That makes you a traitor as well. You continue to blame Shumer and Obama but turn a blind eye to Trump. F*N pathetic.
Nope. I'm talking about Donald Trump. Let me ask you a question. If Mexico is paying for the wall as he has said for years, why is Trump holding the government hostage for money for the wall?