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Jefftrel (242629)
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I don't give a crap if you have a problem with my anti-Trump memes. I will continue to make them until he's gone
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Donald and Melania Trump in fun
0 ups, 2w
Nothing like commenting on a 4 year old meme! And it's not wrong.
Stitch Topiary in fun
0 ups, 1m
Not sure what is creepy about a Stitch Topiary that Disney has on display during the Flower and Garden festival?
Keep Calm And Carry On Red in fun
0 ups, 3m
Much appreciated!
MAGA NPC in politics
0 ups, 4m
Also thanks for proving my point. But since you made a little list, here's one for you:
Trump is a criminal
Qanon is total bullshit
Gaetz is a rapist, just like Trump
Boebert has a criminal rap sheet a mile long and her husband showed his dick to teenagers
MTG is a f**king nut job
Fox "news" is nothing but opinion and it's usually wrong.
Tucker Carlson is a piece of shit racist
Masks work.
Also go f**k yourself
Get a life for commenting on a two year old meme.
Trump wouldn't have won the election in 2016 if it wasn't for Putin.
MAGA NPC in politics
0 ups, 4m
Nothing like commenting on a two year old meme. By the way, if you oppose antifa than that makes you pro-facist. So good job on that, comrade. Go back to your KKK rally and don't put any colored clothes with your white robes, jackass. You're a real tough guy, Keyboard Warrior.