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Trump Umbrella
Yesterday he cancelled his plans because of the rain. He was there today. Then he was two hours late to a dinner with other world leaders. Trump would never cure cancer, he's too selfish and quite frankly too lazy to do anything for anyone other than himself and his spoiled rich friends. He would just tell you he cured cancer and his idiot followers would believe him without even bother to research the truth. Speaking of, you should see the way he beamed when Putin came into the room today.
Trump Lil Jon
I'm sorry? Did you just say Ted "I have a song about sleeping with a child" Nugent was good music?
Frustrated Boromir
Just for you!
Frustrated Boromir
Clearly it did bother you Comrade. And Chelsea Clinton's name came up only to disprove you saying the Russians colluded with the Clintons. When they were clearly meeting with Donald Trump Jr. I even posted a Faux News or as you would call it Fox News article to prove it. Since they are completely unbiased as they kneel down at the feet of Grand Chancellor Trump. If not why was Sean Hannity on stage campaigning with the Don?
Frustrated Boromir
I guess this Fox "News" article misspelled Chelsea Clinton. It looks like they spelled Donald Trump Jr.