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black kid in politics
1 up, 16h
Maybe the medicine and being too quick to use it is contributing. Kind of like how antibiotics and vaccines have created super strains.
Untitled Image in politics
3 ups, 16h
If your state isn’t on this list, it otter be
Annoyingly Painful in Real_Politics
1 up, 17h
Painful rectal itch is painful rectal itch, and Hillary is Hillary. Of the two, I’ll take the rectal itch any day of the week.
Well I can't argue with that in politics
1 up, 21h
They tend to think any idea that opposes them is hate speech.
Who is more ignorant? in politics
4 ups, 2d
Democrats: Follow the science, anything that disagrees is heresy.
Also Democrats: Science is not static, but only when we’ve been proven wrong.