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Your cat is broken.
Todd & Copper playing on Big Mama's house?
Socks and Sandals
What ya do is strap in an old pair of house shoes.
Jesus Driving Money Lenders from the Temple
Demonstrably never happened. NO global flood. NO matched pair proof in the DNA. & a gozillion other solid objective reasoned facts which say NO to Noah. Man wrote it and projected his inferior concept of an angry vengeful deity into the Old Testament in many places. Doesn't make a magical sky daddy exist or not exist. Only reflects on the author.. man.
He's good at curing that "Saturday Night Fever"!!!
Specializing in Hee Bee Gee Bees. lol
If you come to work sick, don't get near me.
The guaranteed zombie solution. Return of the Living Dead.. they chopped the guys head off and he kept coming? lol