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I'm The Captain Now
Militaries & police are created to empower the weakest voice against the bully. Marching into battle with 90 men beside you is not the same as stepping forward with courage on your own.
nfl kneeling
Soldiers dying to restore truth & end the lie of slavery died to correct their crime at that time. Is it reparations for cops to fight criminals & end their crimes? nope. Ya pay to stop a crime & for the damage done. Neither of these though are the same thing as the critical judgment fantasy of the moment because ya don't like free speech. We can rationalize all sorts of things. Maybe Rosa Parks should have stood in the corner of the bus as a sign of submission? Whatever the peaceful protestor does is ususally contested. That's the point of passive resistance to create a conflict in the minds of those doing wrong when they're failing to think about it by other methods. The DESIRE or WANT for things to be sacred like religion, flags, or anthems stems from your personal emo inner child's desire to go unquestioned on what he claims is truth and that's not responsible to truth. Personally as a veteran I fought for free speech which means taking a knee, flag diapers, urine crucifixes and more.. but I disagree with the sensationalist idea that the cops are out of control killing black ppl. Ya don't get to resist arrest or bum rush the cops with your hands up saying don't shoot. I will shoot you myself for that, if I've come to gun point & your charge me.
Kill Yourself Guy
If cops help bad guys up and down the stairs, shouldn't the Air Force help bad ppl learn to sky dive?
Justin Trudeau Crying
Children please.. GROWN, strong, humans CAN cry. Extremely few ppl transcend self pity. Animals who've shattered & wounded themselves with hate, vengeance, and anger playing the destroyer to get their way can't cry & as a result have no mercy for self. They do not get to live their own life. They do not get to be who they are. They also have lots of dumb advice for humans on how to live which has not worked out for them. shhush now.. the grown ups are talking. You can cry if you need to and if you are strong enough. Sad things happen. Crying first is the responsible thing to do. The refusal of sadness is the refusal of self. Wii're emo critters, Thumbelina. No exceptions.
Diversity is divisive
Funny how all the Arab unrest started post 9/11. It's like the American Cold War spy networks shifted their goal to stirring up discord into Arab countries. Now knowing what they've done, they fear retribution, & sucker the gullible immigrant hating Trump into an over statement of rapists and druggies from Mexico. So now he doubles down hating immigrants in every way? And they mock Canada for being human. Silly Canadians, you shoulda been a hateful fearful inferior shit like the United States spy agencies? We're winners.. We're not sad. They are.. not us. waaaaaaaa lol