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basically what happened in fun
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Let's not give them too much credit. After you have the weapons, they could pretty much say "hey, at 9:30, start shooting". A short car ride and a text message later... well... you know.
Bon Appetit in fun
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Capsicum /?kæps?k?m/ (also known as peppers)

So, pepper spray. Not much to argue about.
Homophones Are Your Friends in fun
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Humor is subjective, and you definitely do not have the credentials to make the ultimate decision as to whether something is funny.

The point is, if you freak out anytime someone mentions some issue that you have, it shows that you haven't come to terms with that issue. You can't live your life mad at others and expect them to cater their views and jokes to not offend you.
Homophones Are Your Friends in fun
Homophones Are Your Friends in fun