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Drake Hotline Bling in fun
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Going back in time to start a game collection :'(
Clever title in fun
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android phones generally tend to have more cameras tho ironically enough
it's a known fact in fun
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yeah, there's nothing inherintly wrong with short form content, but somehow the dumbest half assed content farm vs gets the most views and likes. Shitposting is the one thing keeping it relevant, lots of skits are sort of funny the first time but there are just so many people doing it. I don't think it's fair to those that aren't trend chasers to call TikTok and YouTube shorts all bad, but at the same time, there is definitely bad, and it's become an eyesore.
Nothing happened in fun
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guyz dont u luv it when nothing 😊
1, 2, Alyx in gaming
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im sorry kind of unfunny ngl