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the only people who are truly mad during the holidays in fun
0 ups, 12h
You got lost. m/politics is over there.
Feminists are mad at him and don't even know why in fun
0 ups, 18h
I mean, he kinda thinks that women are lesser than men. And that's kinda the point of sexism. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It never goes right- in HTF_Fan_Club
1 up, 20h
the "nobody" meme is extremely annoying
Teddy's a badass! in politics
0 ups, 21h
One time, I said that killing jews was evil. But I never said that Hitler was evil. I think I'm a nazi.
Teddy's a badass! in politics
0 ups, 1d
A right-winger that thinks Teddy Roosevelt is evil? Now I've seen everything.