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Jade_the_dragon (97902)
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bio: male, bi-sexual, pronouns he/him,furry, also CO- owner of the furries stream. currently statues: dating someone
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Wow.... in Furries-stream
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He has wings, they are just small and disconnected, and that's not the original
Wow.... in Furries-stream
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Follows till 500
Wow.... in Furries-stream
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well, its easy, first you take the image you want your template to be, then you can either add your user name by just typing or adding a screenshot of your username like you see on mine, then add anything. you want, like on mine how i have a quote that i made, after you have everything you want on it, screenshot what you have, then go to the "upload new template" and upload the screenshot, then you finish the meme and it will be saved to your "my templates" section of your home menu, and your done! if you need any more help, just ask ^w^
I'm not gay, but... in Furries-stream
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oh cool, good for you ^w^