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I make the memes, I inhale the memes, I eat the memes, I cough the memes, I live for memes.
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Futurama Fry in fun
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Pros of Laptop: Efficient, Multitask,
Cons of Laptop: expensive (Various), comes with other parts to carry around (like a charger, mouse earbuds, etc.) Needs access to the internet wired or not wired
Pros of Nintendo Switch: Portable, plays various console games.
Cons of Nintendo Switch: Cost
Wonders: Internet? Durability? Warranty?

If this is what you were looking for here you go
Am I The Only One Around Here in fun
2 ups, 6y
Nope. I might have been born in this generation but I don't even understand it
Picard Wtf in fun
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I JUST NEED MY OXYGEN.. AND MY COMPUTER | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Picard Wtf in fun
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Gotta Get The Air While It's Available.
If ya know what I mean
Picard Wtf in fun
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I need oxygen to breathe, I don't need girlfriend lmao