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Hide the Pain Harold in fun
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not Buddha ....Budai .... different people ....https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budai
The RELEASE in the Golf Sing in fun
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The straightening of the left leg flings the shaft to P8
Sebastian Gorka destroys CNN's Brian Karem in politics
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After CNN's Brian Karem made snide remark as President Donald Trump was leaving a presser, Sebastian Gorka confronted him and reamed him a new 'you know what'
Tennis: FH Hip Turn & Arm Lag in fun
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classic inside - out maneuver
Tennis: Serve Forearm Roll in fun
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Make an attempt to smack up (traveling from 7-1 o'clock) on the right half of ball with pronation ...this gets ball spinning counter-clockwise and strangely generates more pace than smacking the back of ball ...do not simply brush up 7 to 1 ...you gotta smack it with twisting right arm using the left side of the string bed (ok, that's probably not what happens ...but it FEELS that way)