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Golf: Weight Shift in the Transition
Eric ..this vid helped my transition a lot ...also helped my downswing's ground force reaction ...previously I was pushing upwards off the ground in the downswing ...your 'reflex' advice somehow led me to pushing more backwards off the ground ...which redefined the muscles I now use to rotate my lead hip ...you should do a vid on this ...I'd bet the farm many golfers are trying to rotate their hips only with their hip muscles. The initial squat in the transition allows the feet/legs to rotate the lead hip while the trail leg resists ...something that (to me) is impossible with the hip muscles only ('cos both hips will rotate)?
Golf: Weight Shift in the Transition
weight goes into the R heel and flows to the L ball of toe and then to the front of R foot when both R and L front of feet push the Left hip back and up whilst the right hip resists
Golf: the Bunker Wrist Flip
...sit down a bit at top of BS and stay low thru impact ..ensures the CH gets under ball
Golf: GFR & Centeredness & Cover Ball
Left leg pushes off ground to effect left hip turn (whilst right hip stays back ....just simply twisting your left hip back will also bring along the right hip ...using the left foot to push back the left hip allows you to resist the right hip moving too) ...the right foot also has a role in pushing off the ground
Golf: Pelvic Pop
This move is key to hitting inside to out ...and must start at 1/2 way down in the DS to delay the shoulders from chasing at the ball.