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Sickening. in politics
Sickening. in politics
Sickening. in politics
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Not for jaywalking.
Micki Witthoeft was arrested for traffic violations after ignoring multiple lawful orders to get off the street. (Her daughter Ashli likewise ignored multiple lawful orders, leading to her unfortunate death.)
The whole incident was a stunt. Witthoeft wanted to get arrested on the second anniversary of the Insurrection, distracting from the Capitol ceremony honoring the officers who died or were injured.
Witthoeft approached an officer, turned around, and put her hands behind her back, ready to be handcuffed.
And she didn't spend any time in jail. She was given a date to return to court.
Happy Pride Month, Fellow ImgFlip Conservatives in conservatives
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Repeating disgusting lies based on ignorant stereotypes does genuine harm to innocent people, which means doing so is #immoral -- not funny.
Make gays great again in conservatives
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"Laterally fascism"?
Did you mean "literally"?
Fascists are conservatives -- standardly, illiberal religious fundamentalists who believe stronger connections between THEIR church and state will restore their nation (and them) to the standing and authority that are rightfully theirs.