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Bart Simpson Peeking in fun
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That Nancy Pelosi got a haircut in a salon where she was the only customer -- and that she was video-recorded while there, in violation of her rights since she was in a place where she would have reasonably presumed privacy -- is the worst Trumpians (ie, the GOP) could dig up on the Democrats, without resorting to lies and manipulated videos, is pathetic.

You're oddly silent regarding Trump's daily violation of norms, traditions, regulations, laws, and the Constitution.

Take the 2X4 out of your own eye before griping about the speck of sawdust in someone else's, as the Bible teaches.
Employment discrimination causes great harm in politics
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United States v. Burke, Robert Blackmun writing for the majority, Supreme Court of the United States
President Trump Win in politics
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Trump's only contribution to "renegotiating" NAFTA was getting in the way.
The only substantive changes were related to intellectual property and technology -- issues that weren't yet known when NAFTA was originally signed.
USMCA (new NAFTA) does mandate that employers cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity though, which made #TheReligiousWhite apoplectic!
Communism in politics
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PS: Lenin did not say this. (It's tagged as "lenin quote.")
Communism in politics
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Have you ever encountered the fact that Communism is purely theoretical? It is not a threat (and neither is socialism, while we're at it).
There has never been a genuinely Communist nation. Nor will there ever be because human nature (greed, power-hungry, selfishness, envy, hate, etc.) prevents it.