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Goomba in gaming
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image tagged in deez nutz | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Minecraft relatable in fun
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I have noticed that in your argument you seem to have spelled yet another combination of these "symbols" called words, wrong. This particular word that you have unfortunately misspelled is "combinations." You used the 15th letter of the alphabet called "o" in place of "i" This is another example of simply how preposterous the gathering of atoms that you call a "body" has managed to do incorrectly. The complexity of my exasperation cannot be referred to due to its dimensions.
Minecraft relatable in fun
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sir, I am under the impression that you spelled the word "that" wrong. This is unacceptable in a sense that cannot be explained. I have no comments on how this put me on an emotional roller coaster. Simply preposterous.
Happiness Noise in fun
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this made me laugh
plz respond in fun
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hello simple-minded being.