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Roll Safe Think About It
so walls don't stop wind and rain in your house ? my God !, how dense are you anyway ? ever go to a concert ? amusement park ? . have to pay to enter ? or just walk in because walls don't work. You're beyond stupid if you don't get it, and you can't fix stupid so I'm done trying to make even the simplest simpler for you. go back to school, climb into a closet and have someone lock the door THEN say they don't work idiot. people stay in prison because they like it ? you really have no clue about just how stupid you are. Maybe consider suicide as a cure
Roll Safe Think About It
OMG ! I really can't believe i'm wasting so much time on a frikkin turnip ! If a wall can stop wind and rain it can stop people too. How much more does it have to be dumbed down for you to get it ?
Roll Safe Think About It
........... you don't get it lol go back to school or learn english
Roll Safe Think About It
you DO live in a house right ? need I say more ? think it went so far over your head you'd need a telescope to get it lol
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr
I have ! lots lol my only point is, to be accepted, be acceptable. never once in my life heard anyone who wasn't gay go on and on about what they are. not once, from any other group. it's like they're baiting responses and looking for an argument or reason to scream bigot. just yesterday, was watching a show called "street eats". they go around trying different things from different places. stopped to a cupcake booth and sampled the wares. during the little interview thing they always do, the bakers just HAD to get out, "not bad for a couple of gay guys". like why ? who really cares ?. what's it got to do with ANYTHING ?. I see it all of the time, and makes me wonder why it's so important that the world knows this.