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If you pull the crazy or stupid card, I'm done talking
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Change My Mind in politics
0 ups, 1w
I don't remember Jews strapping bombs to themselves or other such activities to warrant their treatment. Try again.
Change My Mind in fun
0 ups, 3mo
if you're willing to admit you're not perfect, you're already stronger than most these days, in my eyes anyway. I'm dang far from perfect, but I try to be better in some way every day
One Does Not Simply in politics
0 ups, 3mo
I KNOW the difference, don't need an explanation
Aaaaand Its Gone in politics
1 up, 4mo
tell THEM that
Aaaaand Its Gone in politics
3 ups, 4mo
been going on since long before there was a "west". If it weren't for the crusades, most of the earth would be muslim by now