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I feel the similarities between the 2 in fun
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It was intended to be a joke; I love Seven Deadly Sins, but it reminds me of Zelda in the sense that: Elizabeth is the reincarnation of a goddess much like Zelda. Plus Meliodas is the chosen knight of Elizabeth, much like Link is to Zelda/Hylia. Plus they both fight a demon king.
Change My Mind in politics
3 ups, 5m
Which I'm sure even if that's what he said: he was either an idiot, or because his work got twisted by Lennin.
Double d facts book in politics
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I mean "democratic" as in voting "democrat"
This is pretty much today's world! in politics
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Personally I feel like even non-leftists verbally attack people for having a different opinion, probably just anybody who's constantly scared of covid