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Point of View: You miss a day of school
Something happens that you had no idea about while you were gone
Drake Hotline Bling in fun
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I've written longer comments.
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It is
who would name their kid this way in fun
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Stay, calm!
Calm: You want me to DIE?!?!
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Yeah, hackers suck... Especially when you get the punishment instead of them.(or with them even though you did nothing.) (And it's not just you; its anyone who gets punished even though they're innocent.) But that's what this meme says, hackers who make the game more fun, for example, if the game developers made the game so that it (at least eventually) gets super boring, if someone temporarily modifies it to actually make it interesting, that's fun. I'm not saying they should modify and "hack", but in that case, as long as its temporary and doesn't destroy anything like giving everyone free permanent super valuable things that they keep forever or a long time, its we're better than the usual hacker who only does it for themselves and to beat everyone else.(and then, make the game totally unfun.) I'm not sure if the better hackers exist, but that's what the meme is saying, besides, it's meant to be funny not taken completely seriously, as a lot of people end up doing. Sad tho that that happened to you in splatoon. (And also super annoying when that happens.)