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I’m trying to be the best I can be!
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Opinions? in Drawings
0 ups, 7mo
oh my goodness I love it! It's great that you can draw planes from the top angle, I can barely draw from the side. If I were to you any advice at all tho, I would suggest looking at airplane pictures for reference (I find looking at reference pictures often helps me to remember angles and designs for later), and adding some depth to the art work? There are plenty of videos online that could help you out! Shading is a big part of making more 3D and realistic art! As of right now, you're doing great and I ask you to keep up the good work!
Sorry for bad edit, but this is true. in dogs
0 ups, 8mo
Chihuahuas and other small dogs are only aggressive because they are smol and in the wild they have to be aggressive to defend themselves from larger animals and predators.
WHEEZE (not my art) in fnaf
1 up, 8mo
Cheers to Bamsara, and their incredible work on Solar Lunacy!
Mah boi Evan >:3 in Role_Play
0 ups, 9mo
"Oh boy. Do you know how to fix it???? I'm not- I don't know how humans work."
Mah boi Evan >:3 in Role_Play
0 ups, 9mo
*Evan frowns* “On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is that?” (He’s not good with types of injuries)