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A meme a day keeps the depression at bay.
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Who agrees in fun
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If you say so
Who agrees in fun
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That's what I mean. This entire site is kept together by 3 things: Iceu, Tiktok hatred, and hating upvote beggers. 2 of those things are based around hatred, and the site is way past it's glory days. Think about 2020 memes vs the ones on the site today. Iceu rules the site, where as in 2020 it was multiple creators on the front page. Iceu is the only user who consistently puts effort into making memes.
Who agrees in fun
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Nah it definitely got a lot worse since I started on the site. Tiktok, reddit, and discord are sites with better communities and better ideas. Iceu rules the site now.
What a monster... in fun
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Bro who did you kill...
I mean you have to say it in fun
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General Kenobi