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Make memes Yeet people Simple no?
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Oh the iron-e! in fun
1 up, 5m
there's a person on amazon who spam sells memes for 4.99, this is one of the spammed memes.
could we reach 4000 points? in fun
1 up, 7m
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
And here is an actual upvote begging meme if some of the toxic users can't comprehend logic
could we reach 4000 points? in fun
1 up, 7m
ATTENTION | image tagged in attention | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
To end the fuss:
This is not upvote begging, never was.
an upvote begging post is something like ¨ïf this meme gets 50 upvotes i will do a face reveal¨

This makes me think that most of you have never even seen an actual upvote begging post

I just named the title as a goal. The goal was 100 (4000) points, and this goal was surpassed(thank you)
And no, no one asked me to make this meme, who tf asks someone to make a meme?

so shut your whiney-ass toxic posts up and enjoy other memes, I have no time to deal with people whining over internet points

Also special shoutouts to: XxNineTailedFoxWeebxX, i-am-god, and HunhKimThoalp4.5.
could we reach 4000 points? in fun
4 ups, 7m
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
read the comments *duh*