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Well, yes I'm homophobic but I'm not scared of you. My timezone it's DST so stop fucking arguing with me at 2 am.
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Furry Bingo V2 in anti_furry_society
0 ups, 3w
I had assumed you did because you just randomly called me by my name, I had no heads up or anything. I never personally gave any permission to do so, nor on a public server.
Furry Bingo V2 in anti_furry_society
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I don't need evidence, I already know what he said. Considering that you were doing on his permission, I wish you had at least asked for my permission too rathar than just believing what he said and snooping on my accounts, looking for my name.

I did it back to you in in retaliation, I hadn't and still don't have any malicious intent with it.
My god: in anti_furry_society
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The stream grew is what I'm saying, holy shit like.