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Parallel Universes in fun
0 ups, 7mo
You see, in that alternate universe you read like to left but also down to up. That universe is horror I will tell you
That's honestly insane in fun
3 ups, 10mo
Guys, the whole point is that you actually tried to see if gullible looked the same when flipped over, making yourself gullible
I have my toxic suit on in fun
1 up, 11mo
True again, but the fact that some companies and shows add it in just for that and don't give it any more context or meaning other than representation makes the story lame and slowed down, and you could remove it without much changing other than some closed and open relationship possibilities. I don't know if I'm so passionate about this topic on a meme website, but here we are. All in all, it's not the sexuality that companies need to focus on, but the relationship between said characters with representation going by subtlety. I respect your opinion and you have a good point. I just hope you will respect my opinion.