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Hot Shot in fun
2 ups, 3mo
Plot twist: the real hoop was the friends we made along the way
we saved the city in fun
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To be fsir, wouldn't the villain cause more damage?
Kind of a letdown, really. in fun
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Button of Doom is real 2
Nobody: game companies in fun
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Nintendo has realized that having a higher power console is not the way to go. Their thing is continuing with making the style of games for a loyal audience and it's working.

Where are you getting ps5 outselling the Switch? Switch lifetime sales: 132.46 million units. PS5 lifetime sales: over 50 million units. X Box Series X Lifetime sales: 21 million units.
Nintendo has not made a newer console because the Switch is still selling well. They aren’t gonna cut the Switch off before it's done.
master skywalker in fun
1 up, 4mo
Real reason