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i need some elaboration, and dumb it down so my two braincells understand. in fnaf
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yeah i gotta cook myself a meal this human child i ordered was raw
only some people will see a sideways clown face in repost
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a hobo who forgot to wash his face after sticking his nose in 10 kilos of cocaine
Untitled Image in fnaf
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five is michael after getting scooped in SL dumbass
Fnaf fans get it. (The movie was awesome!) in fnaf
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it sucked. not scary enough, and only 3 minutes of gore. uncanon, due to this taking place in 2023, and springlock happening to william happened the time that fnaf 3 takes place. i wish it was R rating, and most people hated it. this isn't a general opinion, it's just my criticism. but if the animatronics were charged for their crimes, cupcake, 5 murders, freddy, murder and also attempted murder. afton, 4 murders, 2 attempted murders.
but the animatronics had no choice, due to being controlled. i wish it was better. and fnaf movie 2 and 3 are fake as hell. non-existent, mind you. I will probably be able to play GTA VI before i actually like the movie.