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IcyLikesGorb (342322)
Joined 2020-01-23
Hoi icy here. This is a shitty pixel kirby. current obsession: Goro Akechi Orb
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Untitled Image in Pokemon_stream
0 ups, 19h
World so cold, three days grace?
Pokemon Battle! in Pokemon_stream
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ngl good designs tho
Any oc is allowed in Role_Play
0 ups, 1d
*Cam nods, waiting for the explaination*
yk, i feel like youtube tutorials overcomplicate stuff in Gacha_OCs
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it was intentional
That's my Go Vacation avatar and his default clothes are literally just what sans is wearing
He's affectionately named "Tommy"
Any oc is allowed in Role_Play
0 ups, 2d
Cam: Oh. Am i able to leave?